Palatal Expanders

Correcting Kids' Smile Across Atlanta 

While there is no age limit on braces, the best time to correct a smile is in early childhood. At this age, children's jaw structures are still developing, which means that their orthodontist can take complete advantage of the natural growth process. If your child has a crooked smile, don't wait until he or she becomes a teenager to correct it. Reach out to your Chastain Park orthodontist to discuss treatment options. 

Palatal Expanders: The Preferable Method

At Elite Smiles, we often recommend palatal expanders because they're both easier to install and easily tolerable throughout treatment. Expanders work by progressively expanding the upper jaw, which may sound scary at first, but the process is relatively painless. A person's upper jaw develops separately, and the two halves don't wholly fuse together until sometime in a person's teenage years. A palatal expander can gently separate the two bones over a period of months and ensure that the upper teeth grow in straight. 

Common Uses for Palatal Expanders

Palatal expanders do not replace braces, but some situations may benefit from them. Our kids' orthodontist in Atlanta may recommend expanders to correct one or more of the following issues:

  • Crowding: If we suspect that your child's mouth may not be able to hold all of his or her teeth comfortable, we may recommend an expander. 
  • Crossbite: If your child's upper jaw is too slender to align correctly with the lower jaw, we may recommend an expander. 
  • Impacted Teeth: If one or more of your child's teeth hasn't grown in yet because another tooth is blocking it, we may recommend an expander. 
Expansion doesn't just help correct the above issues. It comes with other benefits as well. For instance, implementing expanders early on can minimize the number of teeth that may need to be removed to make space for others, it can reduce the amount of time your child may require orthodontic treatment (and save you money), and it can create a more aesthetically pleasing smile. 

Furthermore, It has new studies show that having a narrow palate can increase the likelihood of sleep apnea or Sleep Disorder Breathing (SDB) as a child. SDB, in turn, has other adverse effects like lack of focus, increased tiredness throughout the day, ADHD, depression, stomach disorders, and obesity. Although not the end all be all for SDB, palatal expanders can significantly improve the airflow of a child while sleeping and Dr. Sebastian and our team of orthodontic experts can help remedy this as well. 

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