Our Practice

Our Practice Mission

With over 30 years and 15,000 smiles and lives enhanced, Dr. Michael Sebastian has the knowledge and experience to help you and your family with all their orthodontic needs. From a 7-year-old with "crowded teeth" to a 70-year-old who wants to "look better" and everything in between, you can feel confident in knowing the broad base of understanding which goes into every treatment decision.

We believe in working together as a "team" whose sole goal is making sure you are treated as an individual to the best possible results in a friendly, caring atmosphere. We want your smile to "dazzle" as much as you do and have the optimum health.

We guarantee our results for 1 year after treatment is completed. If you are not happy, we are not happy! Our slogan is "Building a better smile" and we mean it!

Please note, we do not accept transfer aligner cases.

We look forward to helping you or your child along the road to a healthy, beautiful smile, so call 404-303-7400 today.