As We Begin 2021...

As we begin 2021, I wanted to express our gratitude for the trust and confidence all of you have shown to our office. You can continue to be confident we are maintaining the high standards of infection control recommended by OSHA and the CDC. My hope, like everyone else is the vaccine proves to be a long term effective method of containing COVID. We are ready to put this in the rear view mirror!

One of the many joys of my practice over the years has been being able to get to know the families we treat. Often mom or dad would come back in the treatment area with their child accompanied by brother or sister. We would have nice conversations. I miss those!

I resolved to pen this letter to let everyone know what I’ve been up to. Last March when we closed the practice for 7 weeks, my wife Tricia and I decided to quarantine at our farm in West Point, Georgia. Our farm is in good shape but needs an assortment of projects accomplished to bring it to the level we hope for. One of the projects on our list was a stone wall between the house and the lighthouse. I decided this was something I could do with the help of our children who would be coming and going from the farm. I thought, this can’t be that difficult? We have an abundance of natural field stone on the property and how hard can it be to stack? Well, little did I know that the project I thought would take only 2 weeks tooth 7 full weeks and over 100 bags of hand mixed concrete! That will be my one and only stone wall project.

At the end of 2019, I had my left hip replaced and 2020 my right. I’m bionic now. I guess my football days caught up with me since no one else in my family has any hip degeneration. The process is straight forward in at 6:00 am, surgery 8:30 walk out at 12:00! I am so thankful we have the opportunity to do this and return to earlier days with no hip pain!

Our family is doing great and it has been nice since two of our children who live in New York City have been able to work remotely so have come home often. We’re all becoming farmers as we have a garden and fruit trees to tend.

I hope all your family is doing well and 2021 is your best year ever!