Closing Space for Missing Front Teeth

Closing Space for Missing Front Teeth

Missing an upper front tooth (or teeth) is difficult for anyone but especially a teen. They have to have a temporary fix ( i.e. Maryland bridge or removable “flipper” with a false tooth on it) until they stop growing. Then an implant (post placed in the bone) can be placed upon which a crown is attached. This can occur in females around 18 years and males 22 yrs. Over the years the crown and implant will have to be replaced (every 15-25 years).

So you can see the process for replacing a missing tooth is long and never ending, not to mention the many times when the cosmetics are just not that good.

Dr. Michael Sebastian has spent countless hours developing strategies to avoid this potential nightmare by closing the space for a missing tooth. As the following example demonstrates. This 12 year old boy was missing teeth on both sides adjacent to the front teeth (lateral incisors). The strategy for closure is outlined below:

1) Encourage upper eye teeth to come in by the front teeth by selective removal of baby teeth over a 2 to 3 year period. (no braces involved) 4 office visits are needed.

2) Orthodontically manipulate the eye teeth and first bicuspids into a position which simulates the tooth and gum positioning of the teeth they are replacing (lateral incisors and eye teeth).

3) Cosmetically contour these teeth to develop the  shape of the missing teeth.

If these strategies are followed then very nice cosmetic results through Orthodontics can be attained.  The best of which is they can enjoy their smile when they are teens and don’t have a lifetime of implants and crowns!

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