Aligner Excellence

Aligners are an integral tool of orthodontics. Like any tool, when handled properly, it can deliver fantastic results but unlike a hammer, not every patient is a nail. In other words, every patient is different and requires individual and unique treatment planning in order to be successful.

This nice lady provided an example of effective treatment planning to give her a great smile without negatively impacting her fragile gingival health. By using a combination of staged tooth movement. (i.e., moving specific teeth at specific times to avoid excessive expansion and well-designed IPR (interproximal Reduction), we were able to align her teeth for maximum health and esthetics.

IPR is where small amounts of enamel are removed from the sides of the teeth to develop space for alignment to avoid excessive expansion which can compromise the health of the gums.

Her treatment required 8 visits over 14 months

Experience and understanding of the mechanics of the tooth movement are keys to the success with any orthodontics treatment. Let us help.