Why should I choose Dr. Sebastian as my Family's Orthodontist?

Orthodontics and your Family


Why should I choose Dr. Sebastian as my Family’s Orthodontist?

A pioneer in early orthodontic evaluation and treatment of the developing child, Dr. Michael Sebastian has the experience and expertise to critically assess the growing child’s mouth, upper airway and surrounding facial structures. His timely holistic approach is designed to encourage optimum facial esthetics supported by a healthy, stable and beautiful smile.

The first visit with Dr. Sebastian is recommended at 7 years old. This appointment includes a health, dental and airway questionnaire review, a comprehensive photographic examination, a 3 dimensional radiographic analysis along with a thorough orthodontic exam, upper airway and facial assessment all accomplished in a welcoming comfortable child friendly environment.

Dr. Sebastian will summarize all the findings in a priority format so you will know what and when, if anything, needs to be done for your child.

There are two basic directions which can be recommended:

  • Treatment now- this route is suggested if there are growth or tooth/teeth coming in concerns which if left to address later, could result in a compromised result for your child.
  • There are no current developmental conditions which require intervention- In this case, your child is placed on a 12 month growth and development assessment to identify if any changes occur. This could include changes in growth of the face, upper airway and/or the way the teeth are coming in. If such, treatment may be suggested or your child continues on a 12 month recall.

12 years old

All the permanent teeth are usually in at 12 years old. At this time, your child is evaluated for braces or Invisalign to finalize the alignment, fit and esthetics of their teeth. Now, not all children are seen on this schedule as their dentist may not have referred them at 7 years old. They may follow your child until all the permanent teeth are in then make the referral around 12 years old.

If my child doesn’t see Dr. Sebastian at 7 years old can they still be helped?             Yes, Dr. Sebastian will provide a complete assessment with recommendations at any age.

My child is almost a teen, what can be done? Treating teens is the original reason Dr. Sebastian became an Orthodontist, he enjoys interacting with and understands how to work with teens.

There are 2 keys to successful orthodontic treatment of a teen:

  • Choose an orthodontic treatment which best resolves the teens bite, tooth alignment and skeletal issues in the fastest amount of time. The longer teens are in braces, the more likely they will develop cavities and gum disease.
  • Involve the least patient cooperation as possible- teens have a million things on their minds, asking them to overly cooperate is generally not the best choice and results in long treatment times. Dr. Sebastian has developed treatment protocols to help teens be successful while minimizing cooperation! He often recommends Invisalign for teens, because for the right person, this treatment can offer great results with esthetics, comfort and reduced inflammation of the gums (gingivitis).

Experience, communication, comfort, choice and excellence are the principals by which Dr. Sebastian connects with every one of his young patients. You can feel secure in your decision to entrust us with your child.